Daune Sheri, an accomplished Connecticut portrait artist, describes her work as emotional realism. She often focuses her subject's eyes or turns her subject's head in such a way to evoke imagery. With no formal training, her hallmark is one of precise detail and delicate portrayal, implementing style and sentiment through her compositional simplicity and strength of purpose. By using diffuse light and subtlety of expression, she offers a sensitivity that has become a signature element to her unique and identifiable style.


procedure and fees

Daune Sheri uses a process of as many as thirty to forty veiled washes of watercolor on clay to create her portrait paintings. By using small brushes, she works to achieve beautiful fluid glazes, delicate translucency and intricate detail.

She paints original and custom portraits and figurative artwork using Daniel Smith Watercolors on Ampersand Aquabord, a museum series hard board coated with kaolin clay. Once the painting is complete,  she seals or varnishes the artwork..


"Daune, the portrait is beautiful and we are so happy that you chose our daughter to create this wonderful piece of art work. The portrait proudly hangs in our living room for all to enjoy. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. You really captured the true spirit of our daughter."
     --Nicole May

"I can't imagine possessing such talent! It's clear that you love what you do and, if I may take the liberty of speaking first-hand the magic you create, your art allows us to feel a range of heart-warming emotions: admiration, respect, joy, awe, gratitude, happiness... You have no idea the impact, the effect of your natural abilities. Merely thinking about your creations brings a smile to my face! I am so touched by your kind, thoughtful nature and gracious heart. I absolutely loved working with you, chatting with you, and witnessing first-hand the grace, tolerance and professionalism of a consummate artist in her element! It was truly an honor."
     --Norma Dalessio