"Hi Daune! All I can say is wow!!! That portrait is amazing!!! This is the best gift she has ever received. she loves it, her mom cried when she saw it. Everyone that has seen it loves it. I look forward to having you make portraits of Lucy-Lou, Mocha and Wesson in the coming months. Thank you so much."
     --Lou Shavell


"Hi Daune - Words cannot adequately express my gratitude. I'm overwhelmed with such emotion as you were able to capture Dexter in his most wonderful way. Your utter talent is unequaled and I cannot thank you enough. I will treasure this portrait forever... until I see him again across the rainbow bridge. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is forever appreciated. You have UBER talent!"
     --Frank DePaola


"Daune, the portrait is beautiful and we are so happy that you chose our daughter to create this wonderful piece of art work. The portrait proudly hangs in our living room for all to enjoy. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. You really captured the true spirit of our daughter."
     --Nicole May


"Today I was reduced to a messy puddle of emotion. I received a surprise package. My thoughtful and amazing sister Cynthia commissioned the “famous and wonderful artist” Daune Sheri to create this poignant drawing of my sweet Cocoa Bean. For years I’ve been talking about asking Daune to do a pet portrait of Cocoa for me to accompany the ones she drew of my grandchildren. Today Cynthia and Daune Sheri made that wish come true. How lucky am I to have such a wonderful family? Four years ago next month, Cocoa was unable to walk. We were afraid we’d lose her and brought her to Pieper Memorial Hospital for evaluation. This photo was taken the day we brought her in. She required spinal surgery – very scary! This drawing represents the day the gift of mobility was returned to her and our little dog was able to come home on her own four legs. Thank you so so much, Cyn, for being my sister, my childhood companion, my liftetime friend, and for always being there for me. The words in your note mean more than you can imagine. I love you! And Daune… Thank you for being Cynthia’s partner in crime for this incredible act of kindness. Thank you for gifting the world with your irreplaceable talent. I love you both! Consider me blessed."
     --Norma Dalessio


"Hi Daune - We received [the portrait]. It is fantastic. We took it right the the framing place and want to give it to the family for Christmas. You did a beautiful job. Thank you very much for everything."
     --Rob Lanciotti


"Hi Daune - Words cannot adequately express my gratitude. I'm overwhelmed with such emotion as you were able to capture Dexter in his most wonderful way. Your utter talent is unequaled and I cannot thank you enough. I will treasure this portrait forever... until I see him again across the rainbow bridge. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and kindness. It is forever appreciated. You have UBER talent!"
     --Frank DePaola

"Daune - I received the portrait just a few minutes ago. It is magnificent... the touch of color is just whimsical and endearing just like Lily herself. Thank you so much. You really captured her spirit. I am so excited to have it framed and give it to my husband for Father's Day."
     --Jessyca Tucker


"Well, today was AMAZING!! The portrait was more beautiful than I imagined and I absolutely loved the framing and matte choices! It will look great in our bedroom where I was planning on hanging it. When [my husband] finally saw the portrait, he was floored! He was so surprised! Thank you so much for your beautiful work and for helping me plan the surprise. All the planning and anticipation was well worth it! [My husband] was so impressed by your work that he is talking about having something of the kids done down the road. Your talent and personality made this gift truly special, definitely one of a kind!"
     --Sandy Kulterman

"I can't imagine possessing such talent! It's clear that you love what you do and, if I may take the liberty of speaking first-hand the magic you create, your art allows us to feel a range of heart-warming emotions: admiration, respect, joy, awe, gratitude, happiness... You have no idea the impact, the effect of your natural abilities. Merely thinking about your creations brings a smile to my face! I am so touched by your kind, thoughtful nature and gracious heart. I absolutely loved working with you, chatting with you, and witnessing first-hand the grace, tolerance and professionalism of a consummate artist in her element! It was truly an honor."
     --Norma Dalessio


"The portrait arrived yesterday and I can't thank you enough for creating an everlasting memory of our Bailey. It came out fantastic. Please know that your dedication and talent allow us to keep the spirit of Bailey alive forever. I'm sure that my wife will feel the same way. Thanks again."
     --Paul Lanciotti


"Everyone loved the portraits. They instantly knew which photos were used and were happy with the choice. I have loved dealing with you. Thanks for everything."

"Very sentimental to me... I have an Italian Greyhound and just left a job of 15 years at a vet clinic. They presented me the print ['Til You Come Home] to me, with a plaque on the bottom, at my going away party... Knowing the name and the subject and contacting the artist makes it that much more special. I am in the process of moving but I already know where I'm gonna put it in the new house! I'll message you a pic when I put it up."
     --Jennifer Hudler Lakomowski


"Good morning Daune. The package arrived on Saturday in perfect condition. The piece is just fabulous. Love it! I am planning to present it to my to my sister sometime this week. Thank you so much for a treasured keepsake.
     --Sharon Whitcomb

"Hi Daune. We received the portrait this morning and Jon absolutely loved it and was blown away with it. It came out unbelievable, great job. Thanks again for such a great turnaround.
     --Matt Palmieri


"Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait! Words cannot express how truly touched I was as we opened your heartfelt masterpiece!! It means so much to me to own one of your creations."
     --Liane Smith

"Thank you so much for one of the best gifts I have ever received! It is beautiful! The computer does not do your work justice. I sat and just looked at Paige. The detail is awesome! Daune, you are so talented."
     --Carol Moore


"Thank you very much, Daune. I find your method of expression just as bold. You don't always need bright colors and hard lines to make a strong statement... and your portraits pack quite a punch!"
     --Miriam Talavera

"This portrait is so very, very beautiful!!! You have captured Karlie with absolute perfection! I can't wait for Kristie to see it, I have always thought Karlie has the most perfect lips, and you have re-enforced that within this portrait. I cannot express just how pleased I am with your work on both portraits, Daune. You are amazing!!!"
     --Judith Thompson


"I asked Daune to do a portrait of my eldest grandson. It captured the look that is uniquely "him". Her portraits have a quality that leaves no doubt who the subject is. I consider her to be one of the best artists I have known."
     --Lynn Evans

"Daune's artwork captured the spirit and characteristics of our dogs and even the stoic look of our cat. It is our most treasured piece of artwork in our home."
     --Bob and Carol Kiley


"I had a pen and ink portrait done by Daune, of my black and white Siberian Husky, Dolci. The portrait is exactly what my husky looks like. It's beautiful. Daune did an excellent job. She captured Dolci's personality. Thank you Daune.... it's a treasure forever..."
     Vito and Genia Lomuscio

"Daune created a beautiful portrait of my infant daughter. It is very unique and is still the topic of conversation among house guest - seven years later. I highly recommend Daune's work."
     --Laurel Robbins


"The portrait is absolutely beautiful! It glows!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
     --Robyn Butash


"I want to say thank you for the beautiful job you did with the portrait of Whiskers. Words cannot express how grateful I am that you use your talent in such an awesome way! You have blessed me with a beautiful memoir of my precious Whiskers, and for that I will always be grateful! Thanks again for capturing my "baby".
     --Tina Pigeon


"The portrait is just stunning. This looks exactly like her. Wow... I absolutely love it. What an amazing talent you have."
     --Jennifer Rasmussen

"I commissioned Daune to do a graphite drawing of my sister's beloved greyhound who passed away. Daune captured Manny's spirit and my sister was so touched and pleased to have such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog."
     --Linda Davis


"Your latest portrait is absolutely beautiful... It left me speechless..."
     --Diane Smith

"Very lovely work. Your talent is excellent!"


"I learned of your work through Phil Cassell from One Talent Source. It is incredible! I really like your style. It inspires me."
     --Fred McLean


"Just wanted to say... WOW! Gorgeous, incredible work. You are very talented and I absolutely adore your art."
     --Caitlin May